Islamic Center Of Nashville

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY Build - Oct. 16th, 7 am - 3:30 pm

ICN is delighted to collaborate with Habitat for Humanity in the Unity Build. We are actively seeking volunteers to make this event enjoyable and fruitful. Please contact Rami at We need to finalize a schedule of our volunteers by Saturday.




On Sunday October 16th, ICN (volunteers Tamanna Qureshi, Rami Nofal, Hanna Hafez, Muhmammad Hafez and Abdul Jabar Memon) collaborated with Hillsboro Presbyterian Church in the Unity Build - Habitat for Humanity's interfaith home building project to build a home for Ruksia and her daughter. The experience was deeply fulfilling and these volunteers hope to work together again next year with an even larger team - we applaud this remarkable effort! ICN has collaborated and helped in the sponsorship of several Habitat builds over the last 13 yearsFriday, October 21st : Join us on the Bus for Early Voting with AMAC and ICN