Islamic Center Of Nashville

Executive Committee

Rashed Fakhruddin

Rashed Fakhruddin is presently serving as president of the Islamic Center of Nashville. For over the past 15 years, Rashed has been coordinating and providing presentations on Islam to universities, schools, leadership groups and churches upon request in order to help develop a better understanding of Muslims, while building bridges and fostering stronger relationships within the community. Rashed is also a founding member of the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC), which works to help build a bridge between Muslims in Tennessee and law enforcement, as well as other government agencies and organizations. The motto of AMAC is ‘enhancing safety for all Tennesseans’.

Rashed is a licensed professional engineer. Through his work, Rashed speaks on college and career readiness to several thousands of high school Freshmen throughout the district every year. Rashed is also an alumni of Leadership Nashville (2009). Rashed served on Vanderbilt’s Visiting Advisory Board for Diversity and Equity.

Rashed serves on the YWCA board and has been involved with the YWCA’s MEND, or Engaging Men to End Violence against Women initiative. Through MEND, Rashed has been creating awareness in the Muslim community on domestic violence in the form of sermons and programs at the different mosques throughout Tennessee. Rashed also serves on the You Have The Power board which advocates and works for those whose safety, social and emotional well-being are at risk due to being targets or victims of violent crime, as well as bullying.

As a result of his work in the community, Rashed has received several awards including Pencil Foundation’s volunteer of the year award (2015), the Women's Political Collaborative of Tennessee's Good Guys Award (2015), and the Community Nashville Human Relations Award (2016). Rashed loves to play basketball, watch football, follow Vanderbilt baseball and cycle.

Mohamed Kanu

Mohamed Kanu is a Professor of Public Health and has lived in Tennessee for at least 15 years. He conducts research in the local and international communities. He enjoys teaching, conducting community-based research, travelling and reading

Talha Haseen

Talha Haseen is a Nashville native and has been an active member of the Islamic Center of Nashville since his teens. He strongly believe's in the value of a good education and often works with immigrant families to foster understanding of the education system in the United States. His aims for the Center include strengthening the existing relationships with the greater Nashville community and placing the center into a pivotal role within Nashville as it develops into a major U.S. city. He is proud to call himself a Nashvillian and loves investing in this great city.

Talha completed his undergraduate studies at Vanderbilt University studying Chemical Engineering and Corporate Strategy. He currently works for a consulting firm helping clients, within the energy and manufacturing sectors, address business sustainability challenges. He is a firm believer in quantifying challenges and the strategic use of technology to solve real world problems.

A lover of the great outdoors, he is a frequent visitor to the many great hiking trails Nashville has to offer. Talha also has a great appreciation for English and Urdu literature - book recommendations are always welcome.

Rami Z Nofal

Rami Z Nofal is experienced in emerging markets, supply chains and operations, investment management, financial and supply-distribution modeling, business development, start-ups, project management, community based development and in social ventures and management across multiple cultures and languages, spending time in 5 continents and more than 20 nations. He has a proven ability in connecting with others and connecting others with the resources necessary to reach their full potential, ultimately crafting win-wins. His core strengths include leadership, adaptability, communication, diplomacy, bridge building, self-motivation and creative problem solving in challenging, time constrained and under-resourced environments.

Rami holds a BBA in Finance and International Business and a BS in Economics and Political Science. Rami is a Global Shaper of the Global Shapers Community, an initiative of The World Economic Forum, a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV) where he served for more than 2 years in rural West Africa and an Ariane de Rothschild Fellow via The Edmond de Rothschild Foundations at the University of Cambridge. He is also on Habitat for Humanity's Advisory Board and is a Financial and Budget Analyst at one of the leading medical imaging firms.

Kamal Saba

Kamal Saba has a profound love for his city and community. Still an active member and volunteer for the Islamic Center of Nashville, he actively promotes special projects and methods to ensure our center remains welcoming to all people. He aims for the center to achieve the level of serenity we all seek when we walk into a place of worship, and hopes to steer the center into a more promising, welcoming, and full organizational place for all to enjoy.

 Professionally, Kamal Saba has been selling and investing in real estate in Nashville for the last few years. Kamal believes that more people will choose to live in Nashville due to it's diversity and given current world trends. Nashville has also evolved into a beautiful metropolis, where all walks of life buy, sell, live and enjoy the fruits of the south. 

 Ever engaged in the environment, Kamal regularly attends the Nashville Area Beekeeping Association meetings at the Ellington Agricultural Center every month to learn how he can improve ways to conserve the environment, be a better beekeeper and make Nashville a healthier place for Bee’s and Nashvillains alike. 

Mamane Nassirou Garba

Mamane Nassirou Garba, PharmD was born and raised in Niamey, Niger Republic. A lifelong Muslim, Mamane studied Qur’An and Hadiths from his early years and has been active in his community masjids in every place that he has lived. After his pharmacy training in Mali, he studied and worked in research and clinical laboratory science in West Africa and in the Malaria Branch at CDC Atlanta. He first moved to the US in 2004 and traveled back and forth between the US and other parts of the world for work. He currently works in clinical research at Covance Inc. He speaks multiple languages fluently including French, Hausa, Yoruba and Bambara. He is married to Dr. Deidra Parrish and has a daughter Khadidja and a son Zahid.

Tasfia Ahmed

Tasfia Ahmed is a proud, native Tennessean. She is a pharmacist by training and in her spare time she enjoys reading, learning new languages, and traveling the world.