Islamic Center Of Nashville

Burial Services  

ICN is trying to establish a one-stop-shop for Burial Services. Please call the following folks in the given order:


(1) Abdulghani Barre: 615-866-7743
(2) Luseni Kromah: 615-474-8385
(3) Tareq Shehadeh: 615-491-8100
(4) Abdurahman: 615-474-5353
(5) Khalid Chaudhary: 615-646-9074


The total cost will be $1500. Check should be written to: Islamic Center of Nashville and marked for Burial Services.

Important Addresses:

Masjid-Al-Farooq: (The place for washing and preparing the bodies for burial)

1421 4th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37210

Cemetery: (The final resting place)

8256 River Road Pike
Nashville, TN 37210

Note: (It is about 7 miles west of Nashville International Academy. As you come towards the entrance, there are two driveways take the one to your left and go up the hill)